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by Jan 23, 2020

Extracting Tank
Who We are?

Nutra Biotech Co., Ltd, is an professional active pharmaceutical ingredients supplier,
was founded in year 2010, located in high-tech zone Xi AN. We are a company specialized in the extracting, developing,producing, and selling of the active ingredients of natural plants. Our company has may GAP plant base in many provinces in China. Panax Ginseng gap base in Liaoning. Earthworm base in Ningxia. American Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra and Grape Seed in Shaanxi. We manufacture high quality botanical products for all the clients who are in the field of functional drink, dietary supplement, health-product, cosmetics, and medicines etc.
Nutra Biotech has a professional R&D team with rich experience on the plant extract industry. We can keep the active ingredient of the plants with our ultra-low temperature extracting technology. Not only with the Owned Raw Material Farm, but also with strong technical strengths, advanced inspecting methods and completed quality controlling systems.

We provide excellent green products for human being’s health. Meanwhile in the respects of natural plants pesticide residue processing techniques and the heavy metal processing, Nutra Biotech Co.,Ltd is in the leading status and has achieved the international advanced level. Quality complied with the EPA, USP, EP, and JPLS standard as well.

Our main products include:

enzyme series (lumbrokinase,nattokinase,Snail protease, NADH,NAD+,NADP etc.)

Botanical extract (anti cancer series,cosmetics ingredients,weight loss materials,funtional supplements,food and vegetable powder )

Cosmetic raw material powder:(Tranexamic acid,kojic acid,azelaic acid, glutathione,dipotassium glycyrrhizinate,hyaluronic acid almond acid,penic acid,monobenzone)

Up to now , Nutra Biotech Co.,Ltd has been successfully developed 480 kinds of Standard Extracts and more than 900 types of ratio Extracts. With annual production capacity more than 1000 Tons , we has accuired GMP, ISO,KOSHER,HALAL;

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (EP,USP,JP standard medicine raw powder,GMP standard)

“Make life better” is the core value, “Quality First, Sustainable Developing” is the constant developing concept of Nutra Biotech Biotech Co.,Ltd. We always do our best to share more organic healthy products all over the World.

Production line:

Six sets of multifunctional extraction tanks with 6 m³ capacity, one multifunctional extraction tank with 3 m³ capacity, 6 sets of extraction solution tanks with 5 m³ capacity, one extraction solution tank with 3 m³ capacity, one double-effect concentrator with 2000 kg/h capacity, four sets of single-effect concentrators with 1500 kg/h efficiency, one alcohol precipitation tank with 3 m³ capacity, one vacuum concentrator with 1500 liter capacity, two sets of ethanol tanks with 5 m³ capacity, four sets of ethanol tanks with 10 m³ capacity, two sets of original ethanol tanks with 25 m³ capacity, and one tilting sandwich pot with 500 liter capacity.

Nutra Biotech Co.,Ltd Quality assurance

In order to guarantee the high quality of products, Xi An Nutra Biotech Co.,Ltd has strict quality control standards.Safety and effective active ingredients in plants are reserved from the collection of starting material, griding and extraction to finished products. Proven quality management system ensures strict compliance with GMP requirements at each procedure.

Quality Control

Nutra Biotech has strong professtional research and development team, talented personnel and completely equipped laboratory. Quality is strictly controlled by corresponding standard in each procedure from selection of materials to product delivery. Professional test equipments like HPLC/GC/UV are used and full-time quality control personnel are deployed. Inspection data like ingredient, moisture and dust content and heavy metal residual, and solvents are documented completely and in detail.


Nutra Biotech Co.,Ltd.attaches great importance to the recycling of raw material resources to achive sustainable development, the application of “Research + Base + Farmer+Company” model of cooperation, the construction of a number of varietiesof plant resources in the GAP standardized planting base , effectively ensurethe supply of raw materials, making raw material quality is highly controllable.We have more than 180 acres earthworm base with 54 greenhouse in NingXia.

Factory Overview

Nutra Biotech Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in the production and sales of natural plant extract, natural Pigment, and organic super food which is mainly used in health products, cosmetics, chemicals, food additives and pharmaceuticals. Now we have 3 joint venture factories, all of our products comply with GMP standard, meanwhile our factories has passed ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification and ISO14000 environment system certification, so it allows us to deliver your order quickly based on high quality and reasonable price. Now we have developed more than 300 products which have been exported to America, France, Germany, Australia and other 28 countries and regions.

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