Gardenia Extract

Product Name: Gardenia Extract

Botanical Source::Gardenia jasminoides Ellis

Part Used: Whole herb

Specification:Geniposide 10%-98%

Appearance: White powder




Gardenia, the dried ripe fruit of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis (Rubiaceae), is widely used in traditional medicine for its cholagogue, sedative, diuretic, antiphlogistic, and antipyretic effects. Additionally, it is an externally used drug with a long heritage and tradition in the treatment of sprain. Many iridoid glycosides were isolated from Gardeniae Fructus in previous investigations.


1. Gardenia Extract has been used for liver protection and benefits gallbladder

2. Gardenia Extract has the usage of sedation, bleeding stanching, and dispelling swelling.

3. Gardenia Extract has the function of treating cardiovascular diseases .

4. Gardenia Extract can dispel heat, eliminate irritability, diuretic, cool blood, and detoxify.


1. In the healthy product industry,Gardenia Extract is mainly used as a product of dispelling heat, cooling blood, and diuretic;

2. In the pharmaceutical field, Gardenia Extract is mainly used as the raw material of drugs for treating cardiovascular and hepatobiliary diseases


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